MSPCA Academy

Join us on March 23 at the MSPCA Academy: A Giving Day Event!

On MSPCA-Angell Giving Day, we’re proud to bring you a series of live, interactive presentations led by animal welfare’s top experts. From sheltering and veterinary medicine, to lobbying and advocacy and animal cruelty prevention, join us for a deep dive into the programs that save the lives of thousands of animals—and bolster the health and happiness of many thousands more.

Relocation Nation: Saving the Most Vulnerable Dogs and Cats in America

8:00 am

Hear what MSPCA and Northeast Animal Shelter (NEAS) are doing to relocate thousands of animals from areas of the country where adoptive homes are few, to Massachusetts—where they’re quickly adopted into new homes (maybe yours!).


Animal Cops: A Day in the Life of an MSPCA Law Enforcement Officer

10:00 am

Join Officer Nadya Ciulla who’ll share her “in the trenches” experience as an anti-cruelty investigator with full prosecutorial powers in Massachusetts.


On Our BEST Behavior: Top Behavior Tips From Our Top Dogs

12:00 pm

This interactive, entertaining and highly instructive virtual session will include simple-to-deploy training tips that will bring out the best in any dog!


Pet Love, Loss and Grief: A Look at Veterinary Social Work

1:00 pm

Don’t miss Angell Animal Medical Center’s social worker, Julie Gass, who will overview all we do to support patients, pet owners—and even veterinarians—through the most challenging aspects of pet ownership.


No Pet Left Behind: A Behind the Scenes Exclusive on the Life-Saving Community Outreach and MSPCA Clinics

2:00 pm

Join us to learn how our Community Outreach and Clinics are helping ensure that pets owned by even our most economically challenged community members remain healthy, happy, and vibrant.


Future Forward: MSPCA Thought Leaders Explore the Most Pressing Animal Protection Challenges of Our Time—and How We Intend to Solve Them

4:00 pm

In this session, our Advocacy team will spotlight all we’re doing in 2023 (and beyond) to double down on our remarkable progress in elevating the importance—and the protections afforded to—animals in our state.


Seeing Red: Angell Animal Medical Center’s New Blood Bank

6:00 pm

Building a blood bank from scratch is never easy, and Dr. Megan Whelan will explain all we’ve done to arrive at yet another extraordinary first in veterinary medicine—and why this may just save your pet, or a pet that you know, sometime in the future!