MSPCA Academy

Join us on March 21st for MSPCA Academy: A Giving Day Event

On MSPCA-Angell Giving Day, we’re proud to bring you a series of live, interactive presentations led by animal welfare’s top experts. From sheltering and veterinary medicine, to lobbying and advocacy and animal cruelty prevention, join us for a deep dive into the programs that save the lives of thousands of animals—and bolster the health and happiness of many thousands more!

Pet Insurance 202: EVERYTHING You need to know

10:00 am

The rising cost of specialty veterinary care has many a pet owner feeling the squeeze. At the same time, major insurance players have joined upstarts in providing increasingly robust (if confusing) plans to help offset costs. This is good news for pet owners desperate for relief, even if navigating the ever evolving landscape of policies and plans proves overwhelming to many. Fortunately, Angell Animal Medical Center is on the frontlines, working closely with pet owners to help them identify the “Goldilocks” insurance plan—not too little, and not too much—to keep their pet healthy and happy at home. Don’t miss Angell Pet Insurance Coordinator, Harrison Stenson, who’ll bring clarity to the insurance space, to the delight of pets and their owners!

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Sit, Stay, Good Job!

12:00 pm

Few dogs (and their owners!) are as well behaved as those seen by our Director of Behavior Services, Terri Bright and Clinical Behaviorist, Jocelyn Strassel. Join this interactive session and enjoy easy-to-deploy training tips that will bring out the best in any dog—including yours!

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Establishing Law—Enforcing the Law

2:00 pm

Massachusetts boasts some of the strongest animal protection legislation and policy in the country, a result of your ongoing support and our tireless advocacy on behalf of vulnerable animals. Hear what Advocacy Director, Kara Holmquist is prioritizing this year to keep vulnerable pets—and wildlife—safe from harm. And don’t miss MSPCA Law Enforcement Officer, Nadya Ciulla who’ll share her in-the-trenches experiences as an investigator with power to bring animal abusers to justice in Massachusetts!

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Just in Time: Relocating Thousands of Vulnerable, Homeless Pets to Massachusetts

4:00 pm

2024 promises to be another challenging year for animal shelters all over the U.S. who are struggling with a massive surge in the homeless pet population. In short: there are too many pets and not enough homes. Hear what our Vice President of Animal Protection, Mike Keiley is doing to bring as many of these dogs and cats to Massachusetts as we can—and to place them into loving new homes!

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